David S. Danaher
websites & grants


I have been website manager/developer for these sites:

International Association of Teachers of Czech, 2009-present
a scholarly organization to promote the teaching of Czech language and culture

Czech Fund, 2003-present
in support of the teaching and learning of Czech at UW

The Writings of Václav Havel, 2002-present
a literature-in-translation course with web content

Cognitive Approaches to Literature, 2001-2005
a research group devoted to the intersection of linguistics and literature

Metaphor: Language, Thought, Art, 2002-2003
a Center for the Humanities Mellon workshop, UW

Introduction to Central Europe: The Culture of Dissent, 2011-present
a lecture/discussion course with web content

Czech Republic in the News, 2013-present
a blog on Czech news and culture for students of Czech

Language and Worldview, 2014-present
a course in the UW Honors Program on language and culture