David S. Danaher

Teaching Materials

Czech Sounds Tutorial

Structure of Russian: Phonology

Outline of Czech Grammar

Materials for Step by Step (1 and 2)

Czech Case Review
for third-semester Czech

Czech Conjugation Review
for third-semester Czech

Czech Case Review
for fourth-semester Czech

Dark-Blue World
a film for second-semester Czech

Loves of a Blonde
a film for third-semester Czech

Divided We Fall
a film for fourth-semester Czech

a Havel play for fourth-semester Czech

Czech news and culture blog



First-Semester Czech

Second-Semester Czech

Third-Semester Czech

Fourth-Semester Czech

Structure of Russian

The Writings of Václav Havel

Introduction to East Central Europe:
The Culture of Dissent

Language and Worldview

The Writings of Leo Tolstoy


Intro to Slavic Semantics